Work Site Injuries Law Philadelphia, PA


If you are injured at work a report must be made to your employer within twenty-one days. After 120 days, you may lose the right to benefits. Benefits are provided regardless of fault. You should see a doctor. You may need to see a company doctor ninety days from the first visit, only if your employer advises you of your rights and provides a list of at least six choices of medical provider. You must declare in writing that your employer has complied with these stipulations.

The majority of work place injuries are resolved by submitting a Worker's Compensation claim. You are eligible for a paid leave of ten weeks if you are injured or 240 weeks if permanently disabled.A different situation may obtain if, for example, you are working at a construction site where sub-contractors are involved. Although Worker's Compensation covers recovery against your employer, you may also have a claim against a sub-contractor, a negligent property owner, a defective product or some other risk for which you or your employer cannot be held responsible.

Recently the media has called attention to accidents with cranes at construction sites. These are examples of situations where faulty equipment may have been involved or negligence of someone other than the employer. In cases like this there is a need to determine where the fault lies. Good legal representation is necessary.

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